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Paga, que és gata 'Pay, it's a kitty'

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Uns estudiants afamats anaven pels hostals amb un sac, dintre del qual portaven una gata. Arribada l'hora de pagar, com que no duien diners, feien una proposició a l'hostaler: si endevinava què duien en aquell sac, li pagarien el doble de l'import del que havien menjat, i, si no ho endevinava, fóra ell qui els pagaria. Abans de fer la juguesca, ja havien procurat de fer miolar la gata. L'hostaler acceptava la proposta i deia que el que hi havia era un gat; llavors, els estudiants feien pagar a l'hostaler tot exclamant alegrement: «paga, que és gata». (Amades, 1982, I:1132).

'Pay, it’s a kitty

Some hungry students passed by the guesthouses with a sack with a kitty inside. When the moment of paying came, as they did not have money, they brought forward a proposal to the owner: if he could guess what they carried in the sack, they would pay him the double of the amount of money they had to pay for their meal, in case he could not guess he would be the one to pay them. Before stating the bet, the students made the kitty meow. The owner accepted the bat and said that there was a tomcat inside the sack. Then the students let the guesthouse owner pay screaming happily: pay, it’s a kitty.'