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L'ajuntament a dos minuts 'The town hall is two mminutes away'

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  • The town hall is two minutes away.
  • Yes, therefore I'm interested in it.
  • Do you work in the town hall?
  • Yes, and I'm tired having to take the car every day. Listen, will your father come?
  • No. He has to work. He had to do some jobs and...
  • Business?
  • Yes, business.

Tinc una mica de pressa 'I'm a little bit in a hurry'

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  • I'm a little bit in a hurry, Claudi. If you could tell me why you made me come here...
  • Taste this whisky, let see what you thing about it. Ah, I already see that you are not really sybaritic. You have a better taste for flats.
  • Have you found something?
  • It looks like it. A centrally situated flat, close by the town hall, with a historic front... and it won't be necessary for you to go there because I know that you will love it.

Què vol 'What do you want'

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  • What do you want, that I explain you our miseries or what?
  • I only want information. You have been working here lately, no?
  • Yes, yes, yes.
  • Ok. Because before it was his family's restaurant.
  • Yes, but I left because of problems with the management. 
  • His brother and his mother.
  • Yes, they had... wanted to change the proposal of the restaurant and I did not have a place there.