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No me'n vaig a Madrid 'I don't go to Madrid'

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  • I don't go to Madrid. I have been talking with my father and I said no to him, I said to him "It isn't worth it". If I have to choose between you and Madrid...
  • Ahem, I haven't asked for this, yes, Lluís?
  • I know, keep calm, it's me who has noticed that it hasn't been that important!
  • And now you don't go to Madrid?
  • And what do I have to do there?

Hi he estat pensant 'I have been thinking'

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  • Look, when we were out of sight I had been thinking and I said "fuck, this flat is made for Xavier". It is made for you! I want to sell it to you. I mean if you would like to have it...
  • Yes, of course I would like it! I love the flat.
  • It is fantastic. And with a historical front.

Si només sou vosaltres 'If it's only you'

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  • If it's only you who aren't sure, I think the best think to do would be what Maria is proposing and don't let the neighbours wait more. Antònia, call Avellaneda, I would like to meet him as fast as possible.
  • I'll call his secretary right now.