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Siguem realistes 'let's be realists'

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  • Let's see, let's be realists. It seems like the thing with Claudi is going to drag on, and in case he'll do well, it could be that the won't be able to return to the town council.
  • And what do you propose?
  • That we sign and the building work begin when it was planned.
  • One minute, now you are in a hurry?
  • I always wanted the project to move on.
  • We could use this time to rethink some of the aspects of the whole plan.
  • Jonàs, you really want to start with this again? We've already spent months discussing, the neighbours already told their opinion! We have included the changes they were demanding.
  • It continues begin a purely speculative project. In the long run, the neighbours won't be able to permit themselves to live in Can Sureda. Everybody who is present here knows it.
  • The neighbours voted in favour of the project.
  • Yes.